Walt Grayson

Sonic Internet

I worked with the marketing team at Sonic to build highly optimized, responsive, and accessible content for their entire marketing website.

In addition to front-end content development, I also developed backend modules to extend the functionality of the site. And in cross-department groups, I developed user experience design documentation to support new features.

  • Roles: Front-End Development Backend Development User Experience Design
Snake for Playdate

Just for fun, I cobbled together a Snake game for Playdate.

  • Roles: Lua Development
Castlight Health

I worked with the marketing team at Castlight Health to redesign dozens of pages across their marketing site as well as create multiple new content areas including event microsites, demand generation landing pages, and a careers section.

All designs were created with the responsive nature of the site in mind, and many narrow viewport comps were included to aid the developers.

  • Roles: Site Optimization Visual Design

I worked with FontShop to improve the shopping experience by redesigning their product pages. I reviewed their existing site, discussed the pain points and restrictions, and created a content heirarchy to guide the process.

I then came back with a proposal to merge redundant views, clean up and simplify each view, and streamline the experience around selecting a buying option. Based off those wireframes, I created a complete set of comps and redline specs for the implementation team.

  • Roles: Site Strategy UX Design Visual Design
Partner Reporting App

I designed a suite of tools for managing various workflows. Shown here are screens from the partner reporting tool.

The goal of this tool was to allow partners to see how the ads from the network were performing on their site. And to enable them to manage the types of ads they wanted to use.

Other tools in the suite included an app that allowed advertisers to see how their ads were performing across the network. And an app which made it possible to build ads based on a set of parameters.

  • Roles: UX Design Visual Design
Make A Stand

I worked with Make A Stand’s agency, McLean Design, to build a website from a provided Illustrator comp.

The resulting site was optimized for devices ranging from desktop displays to handheld devices.

  • Roles: Front-End Development Site Deployment
Campaign Management App

I worked with a company to prototype and iterate on an interface for their campaign manager application.

This prototype site was built with static HTML files and a bit of JavaScript, but it had the feel of a live website which allowed the client to quickly identify which ideas weren’t working, and which were.

Built on top of Bootstrap, this prototype was fully responsive, with a UI that worked for mobile as well as the desktop.

  • Roles: UX Design Front-End Development

“Sparks” is a location-based social app for iOS that enables users to find and connect with each other. I worked with the entrepreuer and the development team to design an interface that was simple, powerful, and fun.

  • Roles: Mobile App Design UX Design Visual Design
C2O Coconut Water

I worked with McLean Design to build a website and online storefront for C2O coconut water from a set of provided Illustrator comps.

The resulting site was optimized for devices ranging from desktop displays to handheld devices.

  • Roles: Front-End Development CMS Integration

TypePad is a web application for designing, composing, and publishing a personal or professional website.

My involvement with the product included user experience design and visual interface design across both the customer-facing application and the web-facing published blogs.

In my role I worked directly with product managers, engineers and other designers to create great experiences for our customers.

  • Roles: UX Design Visual Design Front-End Development
Movable Type

Prior to TypePad, I worked on a self-hosted publishing application called Movable Type.

Again, my focus was on the visual design of the application pages. This included layout, user experience, iconography, and a fair amount of copy writing.

Movable Type is a self-hosted product, and has a significantly differentiated feature set, including powerful filtering and search tools.

  • Roles: UX Design Visual Design Front-End Development
TypePad Mobile Web App

I designed and built the interface for this mobile web app which provides many of the core features of the TypePad blogging platform.

All of the screens are optimized for a handheld device and offer an iOS-like experience to multiple platforms.

Initially released in September of 2007, it was updated in 2010 to support the increased pixel density of the iPhone 4’s Retina display.

  • Roles: Mobile Web App Design UX Design Visual Design Front-End Development
TypePad for iOS

Six Apart was invited to present one of the first iPhone OS apps at WWDC 2008 and I was the designer on the project.

On a short deadline we designed and developed a simple, elegant solution for publishing quick posts and/or photos using the built-in camera.

Following the initial release, we added support for high resolution devices and made numerous improvements to the visual design.

  • Roles: Mobile App Design UX Design Visual Design
Website Design

As an independent freelancer, I’ve designed and built numerous promotional websites for a diverse set of clients.

Each project has a unique set of constraints and problems that need to be solved.

  • Roles: UX Design Visual Design Front-End Development
Blog Design

I’ve designed and developed many themes and content modules for the public-facing blogs generated by TypePad.

Some themes provide out-of-the-box solutions which require very little user configuration to get up and running. Others allow users to tweaks colors and fonts for greater customization.

Some themes are specific to our marketing efforts and used only on our official blogs, marketing emails, and other communications.

  • Roles: UX Design Visual Design Front-End Development

An open source project to develop a light, simple interface for my favorite blog software.

  • Roles: UX Design Front-End Development
Personal Projects

In my spare time I design and develop various projects. I enjoy thinking through new ways of collecting and presenting information. My personal website includes photos, blog posts, activities pulled from multiple web service APIs, and app reviews.

I also enjoy building little one-off projects like this countdown widget for Panic’s Status Board app for iOS.